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About me


I am a fused glass artist and jewelry designer.

In 1974 I moved to the mountains of WV, and still love it. The people are friendly and the environment is breath taking. My profession was teaching for 22 years and in that time I had children, helped build my home, went to graduate school, and also made pottery. I gradually transitioned from teacher to potter. Since I’ve been a professional potter, I’ve had lots of kiln experience, and melting glass in a kiln was the next step for me. Right now, fused glass is my newest adventure, especially dichroic glass. I’m fascinated with dichroic glass because the colors are constantly changing. The glass can transmit and reflect wavelengths of color. I cut the glass, grind it, layer it, I may add enamel paint and then fire it in a kiln. It may go into the kiln several times, to achieve the effect that I want.

My work can be found at Tamarack, Pipestem Park, Wakerobin Gallery, Riff Raff Gallery, Beckley Art Center, or contact me at creativehandsartglass@gmail.com

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